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Frequenty asked questions (FAQ's)

Is this all hippy dippy nonsense

No! The use of hypnosis is now well recognised within the medical world. There are over 13,000 citations on the website PubMed which includes clinical research and academic papers on the use of hypnosis across all medical disciplines from oncology, to paediatrics to obstetrics. This goes back as far as 1953 when the use of Hypnosis was recommended by the British Medical Association. More recently large scale studies on the use of hypnosis in obstetrics have been funded by the NHS and other national research councils.

To read more about Clinical Research on Hypnosis in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Does it work?

For the vast majority of women, yes it does. In feedback from 1251 women, 1196 (95%) felt that the Natal Hypnotherapy CDs were beneficial; 1075 (86%) felt less fearful after using them; 1113 (89%) felt they were more relaxed prior to labour with 925 (74%) feeling calm during labour, and 800 (61%) said the techniques helped them manage the pain during labour.

To read more about Clinical Research on Hypnosis in Pregnancy and Childbirth

I am terrified of pain. Will this help?

Yes. Everyone knows that if you are able to relax when having an injection it will hurt less. It is the same with giving birth, simply relaxing and breathing will naturally make the contractions less painful. You can read the full explanation of how it works by clicking here (link to How does Natal Hypnotherapy actually work?).

I am also considering an epidural - is it still worth using Natal Hypnotherapy?

Yes. For most women who use Natal Hypnotherapy, they get a huge amount of benefit from the time the use it during pregnancy. Being able to legitimately take time out of your busy day to go and lie down for half an hour to "prepare for the birth" is invaluable. Also it will give you extra coping strategies to deal with the early part of labour. You may then find that you don't need an epidural or that if you do, you are able to cope brilliantly for longer. Also your baby will benefit from you using Natal Hypnotherapy in the later part of your pregnancy which helps them to stay calmer during the birth and postnatal period.

Is Natal Hypnotherapy credible?

Is Natal Hypnotherapy credible?

Yes - the training to become a Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. This means that the leading midwives in the UK agree with and endorse the content of the training programme. Natal Hypnotherapy courses are now being run in several NHS hospitals around the UK.

Plus the CDs and book have won many awards, most of which were nominated by women who have used them.

Will my midwife take this seriously?

Will my midwife take this seriously?

Most midwives in the UK are now aware of the use of hypnosis for labour and the majority are likely to be very supportive. Midwives joined the profession because they felt passionate about normal births and about empowering women to feel confident and in control. Now a days that is not always easy to do as a midwife on a busy labour ward, so when a woman used hypnosis they are often delighted and really enjoy caring for them

Do I have to do the full 2 day course?

No, however it can really make a big difference if you do - the CDs and downloads form the backbone and are the foundation behind all of Natal Hypnotherapy. Many women have amazing births using just the audio tracks. To find out what else you will get by attending the course click here to find a local class.

There are so many CDS. Which one is right for me?

Go to the "Buy a CD" page and use the filtering to click on the boxes that most suit you eg 32 weeks, hospital, one baby.

What does the voice on the CDs sound like?

All the CDs are by British hypnotherapist Maggie Howell and are very down to earth - no crystals or rainbows!

You can listen to sound samples on our website.

Do I have to use different words such as surge instead of contraction?

No. The Natal Hypnotherapy approach does not require you to change any commonly used words. However we do encourage you to focus on the positive outcome at all times and to use words which make you feel good.

I am not really the earth mother type and want my baby in hospital. Is Natal Hypnotherapy is right for me?

The Duchess of Cambridge was reported to have used Natal Hypnotherapy and she is far from your earth mother type! She was able to have a natural birth in hospital with the world's media scrutinising her every move. The majority of women who buy the Natal Hypnotherapy CDs or downloads opt for the hospital/birth centre version and go on to have lovely hospital births.

Find out more about our Effective Birth Preparation CDs

I find it hard to let go - Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes, but only if they want to. Being in hypnosis is just like being in a daydream like state. The beauty with the hypnosis CDs is that they gently guide you into a deeply relaxed state so you do not need to rely on will power to relax!

Will I be aware of what is going on?

Yes. You are not unconscious, simply in a dreamy, relaxed state in which you can hear everything that is being said and you are aware of your surroundings.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. You enter hypnosis via a deep relaxation technique and are brought out in a safe and controlled way. Unlike many medicines, there are no negative side effects! The worst that will happen is that you actually fall asleep and wake up when you are ready.

How often should I listen to the CDs?

How often should I listen to the CDs?

The more you listen to them, the more effective the suggestions will be. Depending on when you start listening, begin with two or three times a week building up to once a day for the last two or three weeks.

I am due next week-is it too late?

No. Even listening to the CD once will have a positive effect. Listen to it from now on and as often as you can - even twice a day.

What if my plans for a natural birth go out the window?

Natal Hypnotherapy is going to be helpful no matter what kind of birth you have. By breathing and relaxing birth you and your baby will be able to cope with all situations more effectively.

Women who have used Natal Hypnotherapy and have needed medical support (including inductions or caesarean sections) have said afterwards that Natal Hypnotherapy was invaluable and that often they are the calmest person in the room!

I keep falling asleep - is the CD still working?

Yes. Even when you are asleep the subconscious part of your brain is aware of what is going on around you, in the way that you would wake up if the phone rang or if you smelt smoke. The fact that you are relaxed enough to sleep is another sign that the CD is having a positive effect.

If you would feel more confident NOT sleeping, then listen to the CD in a place and at a time that you would not usually fall asleep e.g. after work, in the morning etc

How do I download my Natal Hypnotherapy items?

How do I download my Natal Hypnotherapy items?

For details on how to download MP3 and PDF files Click here for Download Instructions

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