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Labour Companion and Relaxing Birth Music

Labour Companion and Relaxing Birth Music - MP3 Download

Labour Companion and Relaxing Birth Music - MP3 Download

Price: $10.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 9781910756430

Hypnobirthing - Your Labour Companion

Hypnobirthing - Your Labour Companion

Hypnobirthing - Your Labour Companion can be used during labour to help keep you calm, focused, relaxed and breathing effectively.

Includes Relaxing Birth Music - the same background music of the Natal Hypnotherapy Hypnobirthing range!

To get the maximum benefit from this album, you should learn the techniques from the Natal Hypnotherapy birth preparation albums and book during the last trimester of your pregnancy. This album can then be used to reinforce the techniques during the birth.

The album contains both the relaxing birth music and three distinct hypnosis tracks which can be listened to at different stages of labour and these have been designed to reflect the emotional stages you are likely to go through. The reduce adrenaline track is particularly useful if you are disturbed during the later stages of labour.

Track 1 - Excitement phase
Track 2 - Serious phase
Track 3 - Reduce adrenaline
Track 4 - Relaxing Birth Music

The calming voice of Maggie Howell with the background relaxing birth music will reassure you and remind you of all the relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques you have learnt during your pregnancy.

When to listen to Hypnobirthing - Your Labour Companion
Mums can benefit by listening throughout the labour or select the appropriate tracks to assist them at particular times during labour.

Benefits of listening to Hypnobirthing - Your Labour Companion;
• Triggers the deep state of relaxation in birth you practiced during your pregnancy while listening to the Natal Hypnotherapy birth preparation tacks.
• Enables you to inwardly focus more easily and visualise the positive images you practiced during your birth preparation
• Maintains a sense of calm in your birthing environment
• Helps you let go and allows your body to get on with birthing your baby.

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