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Hypnobirthing to Prepare for a Caesarean

Prepare for a Caesarean - MP3 Download

Prepare for a Caesarean - MP3 Download

Price: $10.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 9781910756645

Prepare for a Caesarean

Prepare for a Caesarean

Your choice to give birth by caesarean may have been influenced by any number of decisions. No matter which reasons have led you to make this informed choice, you know, that even though this may not have been what you wanted or expected, this is still an act of giving birth and as such will still a be beautiful and important moment.

By choosing Hypnobirthing to Prepare for a Caesarean you have made another choice to prepare your self emotionally, physically and mentally to give birth by caesarean. By preparing effectively, it will help you have an easier, more relaxed and comfortable caesarean birth and a more rapid recovery.

Simply by listening to his album you are giving yourself permission to relax and to feel excited about the forthcoming birth, allowing yourself to expect a positive, good birth experience.

Benefits of listening to Hypnobirthing to Prepare for a Caesarean:-
• Be at ease with having a caesarean
• Feel positive about giving birth by caesarean
• Overcome any fears
• Be relaxed, calm and confident
• Increase bonding with your baby
• Have a speedy recovery

This album is also available for twins and multiple births.

Track length: 31 minutes

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