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Hypnofertility - Prepare to Concieve

Prepare to Conceive - MP3 Download

Prepare to Conceive - MP3 Download

Price: $10.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Prepare to Conceive

Prepare to Conceive

The mind and the body can not be separated - in fact they are not 2 entities, they are simply one. The body acts out and stores all the emotions and thoughts of the mind. Every memory, every feeling, every fear is stored in our body.

The track combines deep relaxation and hypnosis techniques, which enables mothers to prepare emotionally as well as physically for conception. Once deeply relaxed, the techniques and suggestions on this track are directed at the subconscious part of the mind and takes you on a journey to recognise and then “let go” of any reasons which may be holding back your body from conceiving.

Whether you are trying naturally, taking ovulation drugs such as Clomid, or using IUI this hypnofertility track will help you to relax.

Benefits of listening to Hypnofertility - Preparing to Concieve:-

• Recognize and let go of any fears and concerns related to conceiving a baby
• Prepare emotionally for conceiving a baby
• Be more in tune with your body’s cycle
• Become increasingly relaxed during ovulation
• Increase the bond with your partner
• Prepare your body physically to grow and nurture a child
• Improve your health, vitality and well being
• Be attracted to the right kinds of food, drink and exercise.

Track length: 26 minutes

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