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Hypnobirthing - Your Breastfeeding Companion

Breastfeeding Companion - MP3 download

Breastfeeding Companion - MP3 download

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The Breastfeeding Companion

The Breastfeeding Companion

This effective self-hypnosis album combines deep relaxation with guided visualisation and support to help you breastfeed successfully.

Hypnobirthing - Your Breastfeeding Companion is specially designed to guide and support you through the process of breastfeeding. Through deep relaxation, breathing exercises, practical advice and guided visualisation of comfortable and successful breastfeeding, this effective self-hypnosis audio trakincreases your confidence and ability to breastfeed. It helps you to trust in your ability to produce the right amount of milk, let go of any concerns you may have surrounding breastfeeding, and maximise your bonding with your baby.

Breastfeeding difficulties are often due to the mother feeling tense and worried about doing it right or not producing enough milk, not following the natural cues and rhythms of her baby’s need to feed and not eating and drinking enough. All of these factors actually compound the problem, as stress and anxiety are directly linked to a reduction in the production of milk.

However, once a mother relaxes and begins to trust her body and her baby’s cues to feed, breastfeeding becomes a much easier and more enjoyable experience. In addition by feeding her baby as often as her baby needs, the production and supply of milk will increase and become in unison with her baby’s needs so she will produce exactly the right amount of milk for her baby.

Benefits of listening to Hypnobirthing - Your Breastfeeding Companion:
• Feel relaxed and confident about breastfeeding.
• Develop a deep trust of your body's ability to breastfeed successfully.
• Enjoy and feel comfortable about breastfeeding.
• Maintain a healthy lifestyle while breastfeeding your baby.
• Bond with your baby

Track length:
Part 1- 27 minutes
Part 2- 10 minutes

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