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Hypnofertility - Your IVF Companion

The IVF Companion MP3

The IVF Companion MP3

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Ref: 9781905220625

The IVF Companion

The IVF Companion

If you are planning an IVF or ICSI cycle then 'Hypnofertility - Your IVF Companion' helps you prepare emotionally as well as physically. It helps you manage all clinical procedures more comfortably especially injections and egg removal and embryo transfer.

More than 50% of women using this album have become pregnant!

The album comes in 2 parts (plus an introduction)

Part 1 is the IVF Companion Pre Embryo Replacement track which is listened to leading up to replacement of the embryos.

Part 2 is the IVF Companion Post Embryo Replacement track. This session helps your body to be more relaxed, helps to pass the time more effectively and helps with visualising your body accepting the embryos.

Research published at the European Conference on Fertility 2004 has shown that hypnosis can double the success of IVF treatment.

Benefits of Hypnofertility - Your IVF Companion:-

• Increase your feelings of relaxation, calm and confidence
• Overcome any fears connected with IVF or with conceiving
• Address any emotional reasons which may have stopped you from conceiving
• Learn techniques to help you stay more relaxed during all procedures
• Manage self-administering injections more easily
• Stay calm and relaxed during the removal of eggs
• Stay relaxed and calm during the transfer of embryos
• Deal more effectively with daily stresses
• Sleep better, have more energy and feel more positive
• Focus on other areas in your life other than IVF and conception

Track length:
Part 1- 34 minutes
Part 2- 21 minutes

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